Tool for calculating sewerage and water charges

O nás Služby Reference Kontakt EN How innovation path created a tool for calculating water and sewerage charges Our clients needed to find a solution for water and sewerage pricing. We therefore decided to invent a tool for accurate calculation. Problem We created the tool at the request of several large and smaller water utilities […]

Migration of warehouse data base

O nás Služby Reference Kontakt EN Comprehensive process optimization How innovation path helped to migrate and enrich a data warehouse Data warehouse migrations are not performed every day. Yet it is an increasingly common occurrence as organizations look to modernize their data infrastructure with the enhanced capabilities associated with modern innovations. Problem Our client needed […]

How innovation path created event detector

About Us Services References Contact CZ How innovation path created an app of warning system to protect water The aim of this project was to create a protecting system exposed to unexpected events by detecting and enabling a series of images named precisely by definition.​ The Challenge Delivery of drinkable water and wastewater treatment is […]

Veolia relies on innovation path for compliance check

About Us Services References Contact CZ How Veolia relies on innovation path to ensure compliance Veolia is the global leader in resource optimization. With over 178,000 employees worldwide, the French-headquartered company designs and provides water, waste, and energy management solutions. In 2020, Veolia supplied 95 million people with drinking water, 62 million people with wastewater […]