How innovation path created an app of warning system to protect water

The aim of this project was to create a protecting system exposed to unexpected events by detecting and enabling a series of images named precisely by definition.​

The Challenge

Delivery of drinkable water and wastewater treatment is a difficult task. The quality of water needs to be checked continuously. Suppliers are aware of this threat after having experienced serious incidents in the last decade. When it came to monitoring conditions at sewer facilities faced a challenge. The area that needed to be monitored around the facility was immense.

The Solution

It was clear that this challenge would need monitoring technology with reliable and extraordinarily long-range capabilities—and the ability to raise an alarm automatically should things go wrong. Because of this, innovation path decided to develop a new app for event detection. ​

Other possible uses of the app​

Detection of the car's departure/arrival from the parking space.
Detection of a power outage in the room.
Clogged drain.
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