Business Process Outsourcing

Cut costs, free up time, and focus on core aspects of the business.

About business process outsourcing (BPO)

We help you to focus on core aspects of your work. Outsource business processes to us, so you will gain greater operational flexibility. We provide back-office BPO that entails the internal aspects of a business, such as payroll, inventory purchasing, and billing.

What are benefits of back-office BPO?

Easily integrate
Increase operational efficiency
Mitigate risk
Make finance more predictive

How to start process optimization in finance & accounting?

wasteful activities impacting time, cost and effort
processes and templates to limit customization and variability
workflows, technology capabilities, documentation and reporting
functionality using available tools to reduce manual work, increase transparency and improve accuracy
the remaining rule-based activities performed by a human operator

Our solution for an accounting automation

Our team manages bank statements that are imported directly into the accounting system from the bank. This includes matching payments, automated mass payment orders, and automated import of incoming invoices into the accounting system. Checks, automatic issuing of invoices, reminders of unpaid invoices and automatic accounting of inter-company payments.​

Data mining, analysis, and visualization

Gain more from your insight and data. We can sort your data, model it, and organize it thanks to machine learning. ​

Customer Stories

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