Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA solutions save companies time and money while enhancing productivity by allowing associates to focus on mission-critical work.

What is RPA?

It is a technology that uses software robots to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes.​ Companies can reduce costs of manual tasks (paper, print, salaries) and let AI do their job - making people's live easy without tasks that everyone hates.

What are a business benefits of RPA?

Minimal upfront investment
Happier employees
Higher accuracy datas
Boosted productivity
Fast & remarkable ROI

Which industry can use RPA?

Robotic process automation is used in banking and finances, IT integration process, HR, insurance agencies, marketing and sales, customer relationship management.

Here are examples of our most impactful solutions:

Finance and accounting


Automated accounts receivable and invoice creation


Automated accounts payable


Automated bank account management

Business operations


Automated data management (CRM, ERP) and reporting


Data consolidation for Business Intelligence


Customer service automation



Verification and registration of master data records


Automate e-mail processing


Attendance and salary processing

Our document processing application

We have developed our very own stand-alone application for the automation of key elements in the financial accounting process.

Software opens email with attachment and uploads attachment to application

Application initializes document data extraction utilizing artificial intelligence

Application creates file containing extracted data

Application moves data to dedicated storage

Utilizing artificial intelligence, we extract information from invoices and other related documents and create data sets for direct import into accounting and ERP systems.

Customer Stories

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