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How innovation path helped to migrate and enrich a data warehouse

Data warehouse migrations are not performed every day. Yet it is an increasingly common occurrence as organizations look to modernize their data infrastructure with the enhanced capabilities associated with modern innovations.


Our client needed support migrating their warehouse database to a revised version of their warehouse system.


During the analysis we identified several possible improvements which were divided into groups to be implemented immediately, in the medium term and in the long term. After the migration and successful transition to the upgraded version, we started implementing individual solutions.


Among them were, for example, the mass introduction of barcodes and external codes into the goods register.
This brought several benefits to the client:
1) bulk revaluation of goods in their system (previously laborious).
2) Introduce barcode scanners to speed up the process of stocking, picking and selling at retail.
3) detailed merchandise records and better analytics.
Another improvement was to convert processes completely to digital (orders and invoices issued/received) or to introduce a payment terminal in retail sales.


We used advanced text handling methods to introduce full-fledged merchandise cards and build on existing cards.
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